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ITBizNews: Design, Manufacturing Capabilities, Challenges, Ecosystems. System Semiconductor Will Grow When We Have 3 Beats

By September 10, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Secure System Semiconductor Competitiveness, Pay Attention to RISC-V ⑤…. Organically moving design ecosystem
-Representative Semi-Five Lighting, “We will build a platform-ecosystem to accelerate the development of customized SoC. It is our goal to connect the demands of Korea’s semiconductor industry base with the global semiconductor industry base, and to provide technology capabilities for semiconductor infrastructure to customers in Korea and around the world,” Kwang-hyun, who is a professor of engineering and head of SemiFive, said at a meeting with reporters. The company is committed to acting as a technical bridge between startups and companies that are pushing for the development of specialized chips (ICs) required in the semiconductor market, which is reaching its limits and slowing in profitability and yield.
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