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Chinese Memory, Kioxia, Micron, Xilinx And SDC | Tom Coughlin, Forbes

By October 4, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

At the 2019 SDC Steffen Hellmold from Western Digital spoke about Zoned Namespace memory (also a topic of other talks and exhibits at the show).  He pointed out that much of future data center storage will be on shingled hard disk drives and that these HDDs consist of zones in which the written tracks are overlapped and within each zone only sequential writes are allowed.  Similarly, NAND die are composed of erase blocks consisting of several pages.  Within the erase blocks pages are usually written sequentially as well.  This has led to a zoned access architecture.
Steffen also discussed Western Digital’s plan to introduced open source RISC-V cores in their storage products (RISC-V SweRV core) and it advocacy of a memory fabric technology called OmniXtend (also available on github).

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