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Bluespec, Inc. Releases RISC-V Explorer: A Fast, Free, Accurate Way to Evaluate RISC-V

By August 26, 2020April 28th, 2021No Comments

Bluespec, Inc. just released a fast and accurate way to navigate the rich landscape of RISC-V open source cores. The free RISC-V Explorer provides a set of tools to evaluate and compare pre-tested, pre-built cores from the best RISC-V open source products. The first in a series of planned releases covers RV32IMAC cores from the CHIPS Alliance Rocket and Bluespec’s own Flute and Piccolo cores. Future releases will add cores from the OpenHW Group CV32, CHIPS Alliance SweRV, Incore Chromite and Bluespec Magritte.

“Companies around the world are acting on the new freedom to innovate with RISC-V, but many are overwhelmed by the sheer number of RISC-V offerings and the inability to compare them in a common framework” says Bluespec CEO, Charlie Hauck. “The RISC-V Explorer will produce better results and save years of effort over do-it-yourself evaluations.”

Read the full release

RISC-V Explorer web page

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