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RISC-V: What it is, and what benefits it can provide to your organization | Scott Matteson, Tech Republic

By October 22, 2020November 2nd, 2020No Comments

RISC-V is an instruction set architecture which offers innovative operational mechanisms. Learn about its background and the advantages it brings.

Steven Levy’s amazing novel Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution is a must-read for any technologist (or layperson) enamored with the computing field. Focusing on the first true computer geeks at MIT in the late 1950s, the book explores in detail the primitive—quaint, really—hardware specs of the first computers which at the time could do relatively little but which paved the way to much greater feats.

Reading about the passion of the pioneers in the computing field—some of whom became so entranced by technology that it became an obsession—never fails to inspire me. As a result, optimizing hardware capabilities has long been a hobby of mine; tweaking and customizing to get the most out of system components to achieve the best results.

One such element I recently came across is known as RISC-V, which is a unique computing instruction set architecture. Developed in 2010, RISC-V offers many advantages to consumers and businesses.

I discussed these advantages with Mark Himelstein, CTO at RISC-V, an organization that seeks to promote the RISC-V instruction set architecture.

Read the full interview with Mark and Scott.

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