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Webinar Download: Static Verification for RISC-V Cores and SoCs | Aldec

By November 23, 2020No Comments

Description: The entire processor industry is currently going through a paradigm shift – new generations of domain-specific proprietary processor cores based on the open-source RISC-V ISA are now being developed by various industry-leading semiconductor companies. Additionally, open-source RISC-V processor cores such as SweRV, Ibex and Pulp are now available, and they are actively being developed in various open-source Github communities. Static verification or linting is a standard part of the tool flow for any processor-based designs to help engineers develop highly robust code in both IP and SoC levels. Static linting based on industry-best practice coding standards are critical in ensuring best-practice coding styles, efficient synthesis and timing closure, avoid simulation-to-synthesis mismatches, and proper usage of SystemVerilog constructs and data types. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how to statically verify RISC-V IP designs with the new ALINT-PRO RISC-V ruleset.

Click for the link to download the webinar.

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