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The 64-bit NX27V is a vector processor with 5-stage scalar pipeline that supports the latest RISC-V specification, including the IMAFD standard instructions, “C” 16-bit compression instructions, “P” DSP extension instructions, “V” vector extension instructions and “N” for user-level interrupts. It brings enhanced performance in memory subsystem with higher memory bandwidth and memory latency reduction by supporting multiple outstanding data access. NX27V features branch prediction, instruction and data caches, local memories, ECC error protection, and Andes Custom Extension™ (ACE) to add proprietary instructions to accelerate performance/power consumption critical spots. It also includes vectored and preemptive interrupts to serve diversified system events. AXI data bus for wide data access, PowerBrake and WFI mode for rich power management, and JTAG debug interface and trace interface for software development support. NX27V contains powerful Vector Processing Unit (VPU). It is ideal for applications with large arrays of data such as machine/deep learning, AR/VR, cryptography, multimedia processing, networking and scientific computing.


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