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DC-SCM compatible open source BMC hardware platform | Antmicro

By July 5, 2021July 12th, 2021No Comments

Open source software is omnipresent in the server and cloud world, with open source operating systems, container runtimes, as well as frameworks for device management, monitoring and data pipelining, workload execution etc. This has given the rise to impressive successes in the SaaS space, where useful products can be rapidly created from open source components.

Following this clear pattern from the software world, increasingly cloud providers and users are looking at building their servers using open source hardware as well. Antmicro has been supporting its customers (including hyperscalers like Google) in creating useful server-facing open source hardware such as Scalenode or ARVSOM.

Most recently, in one of our projects with Google we have developed an open source hardware FPGA-based Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) platform compliant with the new DC-SCM specification to help increase the security, configurability and flexibility of server management and monitoring infrastructure, which was since then adopted by the LibreBMC workgroup as the base hardware platform.

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