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Huami Will Unveil Self-developed OS, Chip, GPU at Next Beat 2021 Conference | Kamlesh Bhati, Sparrows News

By July 11, 2021July 12th, 2021No Comments

The well-known smart wearable device manufacturers Huami Technology previously announced that it will hold the Next Beat 2021 conference on July 13, the theme of the conference is “The Future of Health” focusing on the future of health ecology.

Recently, Huami officials have been warming up, throwing out several new product information. First of all, Huami will release a new generation of Huangshan chip, as the iteration of Huangshan 2, will add discrete GPU, in the device graphics performance to bring a new experience.

In addition, the poster also appeared with the word “2S”, suggesting that the new chip is called “Huangshan 2S”. In addition to the independent GPU, the new generation of Huangshan chips also uses the dual-core RISC-V architecture for the first time, with stronger computing power and lower power consumption.

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