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Interview With Dirk Koch and Nguyen Dao | Matt Venn, Zero To ASIC

By July 23, 2021August 2nd, 2021No Comments

Read the full article and watch the interview.

“One of the popular types of entries to MPW1 & 2 have been FPGAs. I have previously spoken with Arya Reais-Parsi about their FPGA project submitted to MPW1.

In MPW2 I noticed there were a couple of applications that seemed fairly advanced – especially FuseRISC: 2 RISCV processors with embedded FPGA fabric between them.

Dirk & Nguyen kindly allowed me to interview them about:

  • their FABulous eFPGA framework,
  • support for Yosys & NextPNR,
  • parameterisation of the fabric,
  • blockrams with OpenRAM,
  • their MPW applications and previous tape-outs, and
  • their experience with the open source tools”

Read the full article and watch the interview.

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