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Bluetrum’s AB32VG1 is Arduino Uno-like RISC-V Based Development Board | Open Cloudware

By August 23, 2021August 24th, 2021No Comments

Bluetrum, a company known for its high-performance Bluetooth speakers and headsets, had announced to work on open source and popular RISC-V core. So, this Chinese chip manufacturer has been working on an AB5301A Bluetooth RISC-V MCU based development board. The AB32VG1 an audio player microcontroller has an Arduino UNO form factor, designed for general purposes and audio applications.

The board comes in a pack with a USB port and MicroSD card making interfacing possible. Also, the header compatible with Arduino UNO makes prototyping easier. Besides, the 3.5mm audio jack adds up to the peripherals and is of great use for different applications.

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