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6,000 RISC-V Cores on a Xilinx FPGA Break the CoreScore World Record | Francisco Pires, Tom’s Hardware

By September 28, 2021No Comments

A new world record for the densest arrangement of RISC-V cores (measured by the CoreScore benchmark) has been achieved by pairing 6,000 RISC-V SERV cores and one of Xilinx’s most powerful FPGA designs, the VCU128 board. The benchmark simulates how many SERV cores can be deployed on a single piece of silicon, and the Xilinx’s Virtex UltraScale+ VCU128 FPGA can fit as many as 6,000 SERV cores via its internal reconfiguration. The previous record-holder had a total of 5,087 cores hosted on Xilinx’s VCU118.

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