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Nvidia CUDA Software Gets Ported to Open-Source RISC-V GPGPU Project | Aleksandar Kostovic , Tom’s Hardware

By September 7, 2021No Comments

RISC-V has been one of the hottest topics in the world of computing, as the Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) allows for extensive customization and is easy to understand, besides the whole open-source, license-free benefit. There’s even a project that designed a general-purpose GPU based on RISC-V ISA, and now we are witnessing a port of Nvidia’s CUDA software library to the Vortex RISC-V GPGPU platform.

Nvidia’s CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) represents a unique computing platform and application programming interface (API) that runs on Nvidia’s lineup of graphics cards. When applications are coded for CUDA support, whenever a system spots a CUDA-based GPU, it gets massive GPU acceleration of the code.

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