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Supporting CUDA for an extended RISC-V GPU architecture | Ruobing Han, Blaise Tine, Jaewon Lee, Jaewoong Sim, Hyesoon Kim

By September 9, 2021No Comments

With the rapid development of scientific computation, more and more researchers and developers are committed to implementing various workloads/operations on different devices. Among all these devices, NVIDIA GPU is the most popular choice due to its comprehensive documentation and excellent development tools. As a result, there are abundant resources for hand-writing high-performance CUDA codes. However, CUDA is mainly supported by only commercial products and there has been no support for open-source H/W platforms. RISC-V is the most popular choice for hardware ISA, thanks to its elegant design and open-source license. In this project, we aim to utilize these existing CUDA codes with RISC-V devices. More specifically, we design and implement a pipeline that can execute CUDA source code on an RISC-V GPU architecture. We have succeeded in executing CUDA kernels with several important features, like multi-thread and atomic instructions, on an RISC-V GPU architecture.

Read the full paper.

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