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Andes Presents “Datacenter Accelerators Using RISC-V” at Linley Fall Processor Conference 2021 | Chip Estimate

By October 18, 2021October 19th, 2021No Comments

What: The 2021 Linley Fall Processor Conference analyzes products and design strategies in a particular technology segment, providing information that engineers can immediately use to improve their designs. The event features in-depth technical presentations from Linley Group analysts as well as leading technologists from the industry. Andes Technology will present the first day of the conference and exhibit during the exhibition.

Who: Andes Technology Corp. John Min, Director of Applications, will present “Datacenter Accelerators Using RISC-V.” In his talk, he will show how Andes RISC-V NX27V processor IP leverages RISC-V’s strength to offer two most important features sought by accelerator SoC designers: powerful vector processing and efficient integration with hardware engine. He will also discuss the related system architecture and programming support. Why: Andes Technology Corp.’s innovative configurable RISC-V platform solution is enabling designers to create unique, highly optimized system architectures and hardware/software partitioning, that shorten time-to-market and increase design quality.

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