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RISC-V starts to put pressure: 16-core CPU and performance superior to Cortex-A78 | Deepak Gupta, Tech Unwrapped

By October 25, 2021October 26th, 2021No Comments

SiFive has become, thanks to the RISC-V architecture, one of the most promising companies in the semiconductor world. We are not talking about a newcomer, in fact the company has arrived since 2015 designing chips and marketing RISC-V solutions under a «fabless» model (It doesn’t have its own factories), but it didn’t start to generate great interest until 2018, when it received a major round of funding of $ 50.6 million.

Little by little, SiFive was achieving progress of great caliber in the CPU sector, always starting from the base of the RISC-V architecture, among which we can highlight, for example, the SiFive Performance P550, a chip that is considered the most powerful that exists based on such an architecture. Its performance in terms of efficiency, and occupied surface (size in the package), are two keys that make these designs are generating so much interest, to such an extent that, as we saw at the time, Intel itself wanted to buy Si-Five for 2,000 million dollars.

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