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Sipeed Teases Linux-Capable 64-Bit RISC-V System-on-Module — for Under $20 | Gareth Halfacree,

By October 5, 2021October 19th, 2021No Comments

Sipeed has released details on a new system-on-module board built around the RISC-V Allwinner D1 chip — and it’s aiming to bring the Linux-capable device to market for under $20.

Allwinner’s D1 chip, which uses the free and open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture, leaked out ahead of its official announcement earlier this year. Featuring a single-core XuanTie C906 RISC-V processor running at 1GHz, the part arrived at the heart of the Sipeed Nezha Linux-capable single-board computer — built, the company said at the time, with the Internet of Things in mind.

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