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Samsung-Esperanto Concept AI-SSD Prototype | David Schor, WikiChip Fuse

By November 24, 2021November 29th, 2021No Comments

Earlier this year we’ve detailed Esperanto’s first neural processor, the ET-SoC-1. The company’s approach for accelerating AI workloads involved integrating a large number of tiny RISC-V cores capable of performing vector and tensor operations. Recently, the company announced that their 7-nanometer ET-SoC-1 chip has returned from the fab, allowing the company to run real code on those chips and experiment with new applications.

While Esperanto is currently working on a number of use cases and applications with customers, at the recent Samsung Foundry event, the company disclosed their ‘AI-SSD’ concept prototype. At the heart of many large-scale consumer-interfacing systems are recommendation engines. The movies you scroll through on Amazon Videos, Netflix, and Hulu, the houses you are shown on Airbnb and Zillow, the posts you see on Twitter and Facebook, and the products you are shown on Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon are all powered by those recommendation engines. The accuracy of those results can have a significant impact on our daily life.

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