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Picoclick C3T Is the World’s Smallest IoT Button and It Has a RISC-V Processor | James Lewis,

By January 17, 2022January 25th, 2022No Comments

Programmable button supports single, multiple, and long presses while sipping only 3 uA when idle.

WiFi-enabled buttons send an MQTT message or REST call from a single button push. This simple action enables a wide range of automation activities. For example, at one point, online retailers gave them to customers to quickly purchase replacement products. Similar to these limited “Dash buttons,” a maker moekoe has used an Espressif ESP32-C3 to develop Picoclick C3T, the world’s smallest IoT button. Not only does it contain a RISC-V core, but it also supports more than a single button push.

Picoclick C3T is a scant 10.5 x 18-millimeter board. One side has the ESP32-C3 SoC, while the other has a pushbutton and RGB LED. When activated, the board can send a message via WiFi (or Bluetooth). Unlike some Dash button designs, this one supports single, multi, and long button presses.

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