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Codasip Studio Mac extends potential to design for differentiation with RISC-V | Codasip

By June 21, 2022June 30th, 2022No Comments

Codasip, the leader in customizable RISC-V processor IP, today announced that its Codasip Studio platform is now available to support Apple macOS Monterey (the current major release of macOS). Codasip Studio is an automated platform for customization of Codasip’s leading RISC-V processor IP, enabling designers to quickly and easily tailor their processor designs to achieve the highest performance in domain specific applications.

Codasip Studio is used to create Codasip’s best-in-class RISC-V processor cores and to help designers evaluate microarchitectural alternatives. Application software can be profiled using the instruction accurate description of a core. To address performance bottlenecks, custom instructions can be added and analyzed. Once the instruction set is stable, firmware and drivers can be developed helping time-to-market.

Read the full announcement. 

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