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De-RISC: A complete RISC-V based space-grade platform | Wessman, Nils-Johan Malatesta, Fabio Ribes, Stefano Andersson, Jan García Vilanova, Antonio Masmano Tello, Miguel Nicolau Gallego, Vicente Gómez Molinero, Paco Le Rhun, Jimmy Alcaide Portet, Sergi Cabo Pitarch, Guillem Bas Jalón, Francisco Benedicte Illescas, PedroMés, Mazzocchetti, Fabio Abella Ferrer, Jaume

By June 23, 2022June 30th, 2022No Comments

The H2020 EIC-FTI De-RISC project develops a RISC-V space-grade platform to jointly respond to several emerging, as well as longstanding needs in the space domain such as: (1) higher performance than that of monocore and basic multicore space-grade processors in the market; (2) access to an increasingly rich software ecosystem rather than sticking to the slowly fading SPARC and PowerPC-based ones; (3) freedom (or drastic reduction) of export and license restrictions imposed by commercial ISAs such as Arm; and (4) improved support for the design and validation of safety-related real-time applications, (5) being the platform with software qualified and hardware designed per established space industry standards. De-RISC partners have set up the different layers of the platform during the first phases of the project. However, they have recently boosted integration and assessment activities. This paper introduces the De-RISC space platform, presents recent progress such as enabling virtualization and software qualification, new MPSoC features, and use case deployment and evaluation, including a comparison against other commercial platforms. Finally, this paper introduces the ongoing activities that will lead to the hardware and fully qualified software platform at TRL8 on FPGA by September 2022.

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