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Embedded World 2022 – the RISC-V genie is out of the bottle | Roddy Urquhart, Codasip

By June 29, 2022June 30th, 2022No Comments

The last Embedded World was back in February of 2020, but the event was hit hard by Covid-19 with many exhibitors and visitors deciding to pull out last minute. No-one knew then that it would take almost two and half years before the embedded industry would regroup again in Nuremberg. Even now, in June 2022, a lot of people are still hesitant to travel and the volume of visitors in the halls was half this time compared to the glory days of 2018 or 2019. However, compared to December 2021 and the RISC-V Summit in California, this time there were no empty aisles and there was a steady flow of visitors walking the halls. Embedded World 2022 was an important conference for us and the RISC-V community.

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