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Ferrous Systems and Espressif’s Rust Training on ESP32 | Espressif

By June 26, 2022June 30th, 2022No Comments

Rust is currently becoming popular in embedded systems, and the support for ESP32 is being developed by Espressif and the ESP-RS community. To consolidate this trend, Espressif and Ferrous Systems are preparing a complete training program for developers using ESP32. The training introduces the Rust language by focusing on IoT applications in a straightforward way that is suitable for new and experienced embedded developers alike.

Training Content

In fact, the training material is an online workbook which can be used either for group training or for self-study. It contains programming exercises that can be used as a starting point for personal projects after the course. The workbook is divided into different sections which correspond to the respective level of experience, ranging from beginner to advanced. The exercises provide help in the form of hints and step-by-step guides to their solution, as well as example solutions. Troubleshooting pages, then, help solving problems that occur during the set up.

More specifically, the training material is divided into an introductory section and an advanced one. The introductory part is for people interested in exploring the IoT capabilities of an ESP32 dev board, or for people who are new to embedded programming and embedded Rust, in particular. It focuses on setting up a project and letting the board interact with the outside world, using higher level abstractions for HTTP and MQTT, while taking advantage of using Rust’s standard library on an embedded device.

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