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Imperas announce the latest RISC-V test suites are now available free with riscvOVPsimPlus | Imperas Software

By July 6, 2022July 11th, 2022No Comments

Imperas Software Ltd., the leader in RISC-V simulation solutions, today announced the latest RISC-V test suites and updates to the free riscvOVPsimPlus reference model, simulator and test suites. Independently developed Verification IP (VIP) plays an important role in any verification plan since RISC-V developers’ interpretation of the specification are best tested against an independent reference. Architectural Validation test suites are important for RISC-V to ensure hardware implementations are in line with expectations of the software ecosystem supporting RISC-V.

In May 2022 RISC-V International’s Architectural Test SIG (formerly the compliance working group) moved to using a Python program/framework v3.0 to run compliance testing and no longer provides signatures or scripts to run targets against their tests. As a service to RISC-V processor developers, Imperas has ported the RVI tests to the Imperas test framework and makes them available as part of the Imperas test downloads. This means you can use all of the Imperas tests and all of the RVI tests from one simple make/bash framework. The RISC-V International tests have the -RVI suffix with further information available at

Read the full announcement. 


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