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European tech in Intel’s RISC-V Pathfinder dev kit | Nick Flaherty, EE News Europe

Intel has used significant amounts of European technology in its Pathfinder RISC-V development kit.

The kit allows for a variety of RISC-V cores and other IP to be instantiated on an FPGA board (such as Intel’s Stratix 10 board, above) as well as on simulator platforms, with the ability to run operating systems and tool chains within a unified IDE. This saves time in assembling and testing different IP combinations in a single environment and is a key element in Intel’s move to building a broad set of foundry services.

The development kit brings together UK developed verification tools from Imperas, security blocks from Crypto Quantique and tools from Codeplay Softeare with configurable and safety -optimised RISC-V cores from Codasip and Fraunhofer IMS in Germany, sensors from STMicroelectronics.

Read the full announcement. 

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