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Native RISC-V ROS chip targets robotics | Nick Flaherty, EE News Europe

By September 23, 2022No Comments

Two European companies are developing a microcontroller chip using the open source RISC-V instruction set that is optimised to run the latest Robot Operating System (ROS2).

The roscore-v project aims to use the native ROS 2 hardware implementation for lower latency and additional real-time capabilities as well as lower power consumption.

Acceleration Robotics, a robotics semiconductor startup in the Basque Country of Spain, is working with design house PlanV in Germany on the open source software and hardware.

Current popular strategies in robotics for integrating microcontrollers involve complex bridges that add complexity. Instead roscore-v will use dedicated accelerator hardware that supports the computations needed for robotics. It will also support higher level protocols such as the publish-subscribe DDS technology.

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