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Ubuntu 22.10 Released With Improved Steam App, GNOME 43, RISC-V Support | Ian Evenden, Tom’s Hardware

By October 20, 2022October 24th, 2022No Comments

Kinetic Kudu is finally here. The latest release of popular Linux distribution Ubuntu 22.10 has been announced for general release. This time there’s quite a lot that’s new, including an excellent antelope-based desktop background.

Kinetic is an interim release, meaning it gets support for nine months, after which you’re expected to upgrade to the next version. This stands in contrast to the previous release, 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish, which was a long-term support, or LTS, release, which will be supported for much longer. All the way to April 2027 in fact.

Gnome 43 is the big news in Kinetic, the latest version of the popular desktop environment brings with it a number of enhancements. These include quick settings so you can toggle Wi-Fi, dark mode theme, and power schemes easily. The quick settings also makes switching between different networks and audio devices simple too. The Nautilus file manager has had a complete makeover, and elsewhere a lot of work has gone into increasing overall performance, with support for the latest processor architectures from Intel and AMD, plus the OS includes multi-threaded decompression to improve multi-core desktop Snap performance.

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