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Ubuntu continues expanding RISC-V support – now, the $17 Sipeed LicheeRV | Tobias Mann, The Register

By October 28, 2022November 6th, 2022No Comments

As progress revealed on Android port to the open ISA.

Canonical has brought its Ubuntu Linux operating system to another RISC-V system: this week, Sipeed’s LicheeRV single board computer.

The announcement marks the software house’s latest investment in the open, royalty-free ISA. To date, Ubuntu runs on numerous RISC-V systems, including those from SiFive, Clockwork, Microchip, StarFive, and now Sipeed. We’re also happy to note that other flavors of Linux, such as Debian, run on RISC-V hardware, too.

The LicheeRV dev board is very modest, performance wise, and aimed at embedded electronics, Internet of Things, and low-power machine-learning applications. The diminutive system can be found online for less than $17 and is powered by a 1GHz Allwinner D1 processor with a single 64-bit RV64GCV C906 core and 512MB of DDR3 memory.

The CPU core itself is open source and was developed by Alibaba’s T-Head division. Notable features include an integrated Tensilica HiFi4 digital signal processor and support for 4K H.265 video decoding.

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