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Ventana Micro Brings RISC-V Into The Data Center | Karl Freund, Forbes

Company hopes to match or even exceed x86 and Arm performance for data center infrastructure and applications.

The data center is becoming more heterogeneous in terms of customized processors, accelerating new workloads across the infrastructure to optimize data movement, computation, and security. Ten years ago, the Smart-NIC started this revolution, with Arm finding a spot on the top of the AWS rack. Now, every corner of the infrastructure landscape is getting smart, creating opportunities for ASICs, FPGAs, GPUs, and CPUs to carve out a spot and build an ecosystem.

Five years ago, many surmised that Arm cores would address most of these opportunities. But now, that’s not how we see it playing out. The rise of RISC-V as a viable and flexible technology is undeniably helped by the open-source platform’s excellent fit as the CPU in a multi-chiplet architecture enabling innovation without the limiting constraints of Arm licensing terms.

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