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Ashling announce availability of their new Vitra-XS Debug & Trace Probe

By December 13, 2022No Comments

Dec-12, 2022 RISC-V Summit, San Jose, Silicon Valley, California, USA – Today Ashling announced availability of Vitra-XS their newest member of the Ashling probe family. Vitra-XS is a debug & trace probe for embedded development with support for multiple target architectures including RISC-V & Arm powered systems. Vitra-XS works with Ashling’s RiscFree™ Eclipse based IDE & Debugger and supports:

  • Capturing (recording) & viewing of program-flow & data-accesses in real-time, non-intrusively
  • Program downloading from the host PC to the target embedded system
  • Exercising program in the target (go, step, halt, breakpoints, interrogate memory, registers & variables etc)

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