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Qualcomm talks up RISC-V, roasts ‘legacy architecture’ amid war with Arm | Dylan Martin, The Register

By December 15, 2022January 4th, 2023No Comments

COMMENT As Qualcomm tries to fight off a lawsuit from Arm demanding Qualcomm destroy its custom cores, the Snapdragon giant has signaled it may have a bigger future with RISC-V.

And that’s all while Qualcomm criticized an “existing legacy architecture” for having useless features and not meeting certain requirements.

At the RISC-V Summit this week, Qualcomm Director of Product Management Manju Varma said RISC-V, an emerging alternative to the proprietary Arm instruction set architecture, has opportunities across a range of devices Qualcomm designs chips for, from wearables and smartphones to laptops and connected cars.

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