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“RISC-V is Inevitable”—A Tale of Two RISC-V Summit Keynotes | Jeff Child, All About Circuits

By December 16, 2022January 4th, 2023No Comments

At the annual summit, leaders in the RISC-V community had much to say about RISC-V taking over the world.

The RISC-V Summit, running from December 12 to 15 this week in San Jose, CA, featured a rich offering of technical and industry keynotes, as well as product launches.

This year’s event offered a vivid look at the current status of RISC-V in several aspects, including technology development, industry acceptance, ecosystem, specification work, and more.

A highlight of the RISC-V Summit were its many keynote presentations—six in total, plus several “Spotlight” presentations. That’s too much to cover effectively here, so, in this article we zero in on the highlights from two keynotes that exemplify the state of RISC-V at this moment in time.

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