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A Systolic Neural CPU Processor Combining Deep Learning and General-Purpose Computing With Enhanced Data Locality and End-to-End Performance | Yuhao Ju; Jie Gu

By January 1, 2023January 4th, 2023No Comments

Abstract: While neural network (NN) accelerators are being significantly developed in recent years, CPU is still essential for data management and pre-/post-processing of accelerators in a commonly used heterogeneous architecture, which usually contains an NN accelerator and a processor core with data transfer performed by direct memory access (DMA) engine. This work presents a special neural processor, referred to as a systolic neural CPU processor (SNCPU), which is a unified architecture combining deep learning and general-purpose computing for fifth-generation of reduced instruction set computer (RISC-V) to improve end-to-end performance for machine learning (ML) tasks compared with a common heterogeneous architecture with CPU and accelerator. With 64%–80% processing elements (PEs) logic reuse and 10% area overhead, SNCPU can be configured into ten RISC-V CPU cores. Special bi-directional dataflow and four different working modes are developed to enhance the utilization of deep NN (DNN) accelerator and eliminate the expensive data transfer between CPU and DNN accelerator in existing heterogeneous architecture. A 65-nm test chip was fabricated demonstrating a 39%–64% performance improvement on end-to-end image classification tasks for ImageNet, Cifar10, and MNIST datasets with over 95% PE utilization and up to 1.8TOPs/W power efficiency.

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