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Podcast EP135: Democratizing HPC & AI | Inspire Semiconductor,

By January 6, 2023January 10th, 2023No Comments

Dan is joined by Doug Norton, VP of Business Development for Inspire Semiconductor, an Austin-based high performance computing chip design company.  He is also the President of the Society of HPC Professionals, a vendor neutral, non-profit organization educating and connecting the High Performance Computing user community.

Doug explains the core technology strengths, product plans and mission of Inspire Semiconductor. He outlines the products that will soon be on the market that provide massive compute support for AI-augmented high-performance computing (HPC). Inspire delivers very high performance per watt capability with a flexible, easy to program interface. These qualities will allow Inspire to help many types of companies and applications in their journey to AI-augmented HPC.

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Listen to the podcast.

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