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[VIDEO] 2023 RISC-V Taipei Day: RISC-V is Leading Technology in the World

By November 14, 2023November 29th, 2023No Comments

RISC-V has stood on par with x86 and ARM, establishing itself as one of the three leading global instruction sets for the coming several decades, making it the preferred choice for embedded system chip designers. The RISC-V International and the worldwide community of experts have contributed RISC-V new specifications and instruction sets, propelling RISC-V processors towards a more comprehensive distribution. This presentation will elaborate on the efforts and achievements of the RISC-V International in launching new specifications and instruction sets for RISC-V processors. The speaker will discuss various leading domains emphasized in recent years, along with the applications and products introduced by companies globally introducing processors and SoCs. Additionally, the presentation will conclude by highlighting the continuous efforts towards establishing a more robust RISC-V ecosystem and maintaining RISC-V’s worldwide leadership.

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