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What is RISC-V? CTO Mark Himelstein Explains Its Role in Computer Science – The Electropages Podcast

In this very special episode of the Electropages podcast, host Robin Mitchell gets a chance to talk with Mark Himelstein, Chief Technology Officer of RISC-V International, to explore the ground-breaking advancements and applications of RISC-V architecture in the tech world.

Himelstein delves into the technical aspects of RISC-V, emphasizing its role in AI and ML, and discusses the significant growth of RISC-V in various sectors, including embedded systems, IoT, edge computing, and high-performance computing.

The conversation highlights RISC-V’s influence in fostering innovation and competition in computer science, with a focus on its adoption in different markets and its potential in applications ranging from automotive to server technologies.

Watch the full interview.

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