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RISC-V and Arteris: Shaping the Future of Chip Design

By December 12, 2023No Comments

RISC-V is revolutionizing the semiconductor world with its promise of freedom to innovate and enable specialization, fueling the golden age of semiconductors. The world craves smarter, more specialized devices. RISC-V is rising to meet this demand, especially in artificial intelligence and machine learning for automotive, enterprise computing, consumer, communications, and industrial applications, allowing developers to tailor-make solutions to meet specific needs.

But innovation doesn’t exist in a vacuum. As designers innovate with RISC-V, they need tools and partners to bring their visions to life. Arteris is a central player in the chip design ecosystem, providing plug-and-play solutions to connect 100s of re-used and custom-design blocks through its network-on-chip (NoC) technology. It enables seamless integration of RISC-V cores with other IP blocks, ensuring that devices not only work but work efficiently. Unifying various NoC protocols allows developers to focus on their unique differentiation, leaving the NoC complexity to Arteris’ NoC technology with 20+ years of experience. While designers focus on innovating the RISC-V cores, Arteris handles the complexities of inter-chip and intra-chip connectivity, de-risking projects and speeding up the design-to-market process.

In addition, Arteris works closely with IP partners, ensuring a smooth interaction between different components on a chip. Their expertise means they can co-optimize design aspects, ensuring that computing and transport systems work harmoniously. The RISC-V trend, powered by partners like Arteris, is set to transform the semiconductor landscape in a world hungry for more innovative, faster devices.

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