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Next Euro HPC Chip Coming Next Year Will Be in 2026 EU Exascale System

By March 7, 2024March 11th, 2024No Comments

The next supercomputing chip for Europe’s homegrown Exascale supercomputer will come next year, according to an updated product roadmap.

The 2025-bound Rhea-2 chip will succeed the Rhea-1 chip, the ARM-based CPU powering Jupiter, Europe’s first Exascale supercomputer, which is under construction and will go online next year.

The Rhea-2 chip will come from French company SiPearl and is part of a European initiative to develop homegrown CPUs, AI, embedded and automotive chips. The EU-funded effort, called the European Processor Initiative (EPI), was the driving force behind Rhea-1.

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