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Desk of Ladyada – It’s a RISC-V kinda weekend #DeskOfLadyada #Adafruit

By July 1, 2024No Comments

This weekend we ended up working a lot on two RISC-V designs in a push to get the final PCBs out the door. First up is the CH32v203 QT Py. The CH32v203g6 is an adorable chip with a 144MHz RISC-V 32KB zero-wait flash + 10KB SRAM…for 35 cents!

We wanted to get this design as low cost as possible, so we adjusted our 4-layer PCB to 2-layer. With TinyUSB support merged in plus upcoming wchisp CLI programming, we are getting close to a seamless Arduino IDE experience!

Then we followed up with wrapping up our Feather ESP32-C6, verifying we can get very lower 20uA power draw in deep sleep, testing all the peripherals and cleaning up the silkscreen.

Finally, since we now know our schematic is good, we designed a USB Key ‘Trinkey’ for making standalone WiFi/BLE/ZigBee gateways or sensor nodes.

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