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Curated List of RISC-V Education Materials Now Available

By December 12, 2019October 1st, 2020No Comments

The RISC-V Foundation is committed to helping developers and members grow and expand their use of the RISC-V ISA, and access to training materials and educational materials is a fundamental part of empowering the ecosystem and driving innovation.
That is why today the RISC-V Foundation is pleased to announce the first iteration of the RISC-V Educational Materials section on the Foundation’s website. Created thanks to the collaborative work of the University Outreach and Content Working Groups, an effort driven by Mary Benett of Embecosm, this new resource for the community directs users to a diverse collection of links and externally managed educational materials intended to help developers get the most value out of their use of RISC-V.
The structure of the list, now open to contributions on GitHub, is modeled after the concurrent software and cores lists efforts, bringing together content of various origins and presenting it in a unified structure, a curated collection of educational resources including paid and free materials targeted at various proficiency levels and in a variety of formats. The RISC-V Educational Materials list also includes materials in multiple languages, with more coming soon. To bring RISC-V to as many developers as possible, regardless of hardware availability, many of the RISC-V Education Materials can be executed on either FPGAs or in simulation.
The curation of the RISC-V Educational Materials list is an ongoing  collaborative initiative, and a clear format and structure will make it easier to include additional resources as the community expands. With this year’s RISC-V Summit right around the corner, the Foundation is expecting an even larger need for, and interest in, high-quality educational material on RISC-V.
If you would like your RISC-V education or training materials to be listed, simply create a PR on GitHub, or contact us at The Content Working Group is currently accepting materials covering a broad range of topics and formats including tutorials, webinars, white papers, labs, sample projects/code and much more. 

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