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RISC-V Summit 2022: Future Careers Start Here

Recent technology sector headlines have focused on companies implementing hiring freezes and layoffs – but the RISC-V ecosystem tells a different story: one of growth and opportunity. Companies across the RISC-V ecosystem are hiring, reflecting opportunities for talent looking to build their career in a growth area.   

RISC-V is the open-standard Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) that is unleashing a new wave of innovation in computing. With 10bn cores already shipped, the freedom that RISC-V enables is catalyzing a huge range of new products and tools across a wide range of application areas from low-end embedded processing to powerful data centre applications, used in locations from the home, to our cars, to outer space.

RISC-V Ecosystem is Hiring

RISC-V is quickly building the strongest ecosystem to deliver on this potential, a worldwide ecosystem full of opportunity you can explore on our member page:

These companies have offices worldwide, in Asia, Europe, India, as well as North and South America. The ecosystem is hiring. Our careers page details some of the opportunities, but there are even more on our members recruitment pages.

Earlier this year, the RISC-V ecosystem held a virtual careers fair, where the RISC-V foundation and representatives from its member companies showcased the amazing opportunities the ecosystem has to offer.

The RISC-V Foundational Associate Certification

Those who want to take their knowledge a step further can enroll in the new RISC-V Foundational Associate (RVFA) certification course.

The certification is ideal for those pursuing a career in the RISC-V ecosystem, teaching the fundamental, entry-level knowledge and skills required of RISC-V hardware and software professionals.

Register for the RISC-V Summit to Learn All About RISC-V and Meet our Members

If the RISC-V ecosystem sounds like the kind of opportunity you are looking for, now is the right time to get the best head start. The 2022 RISC-V Summit, on 13-14 December in San Jose is the place to learn more. This is where our members get together to plan the future of RISC-V, a future you could be part of. 

RISC-V Summit sessions include keynotes, talks, demonstrations, demos and a hall of member companies showing the latest technologies. There is no better primer for the world of RISC-V.  $99 gets you access to the Expo Hall, $249 adds attendance for keynotes, and a full $1099 pass gives you access to the in depth detail of the breakout sessions with the option to attend a tutorial day. Those not able to attend in person can grab a virtual pass for $99.  

Register now at:

Come find your opportunity in the RISC-V ecosystem, where together we are shaping the future.

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