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RISC-V Summit Europe 2023: Highlights from Barcelona

More than 500 attendees, from across the world, attended the first-ever RISC-V Summit Europe

Last month, the first-ever RISC-V Summit Europe happened in Barcelona, Spain. Christian Fabre, CEA and the RISC-V Summit Europe Steering Committee welcomed a crowd of more than 500 attendees. The Summit featured more than 40 sessions from industry and academic representatives across Europe addressing key vertical markets such as aerospace, AI/ML, automotive, data center, embedded, HPC, security, and more.

Europe continues to be an explosive market for RISC-V adoption and ecosystem momentum. Europe makes up more than a third of RISC-V International’s global membership and is home to some of the most innovative companies, universities, government and research entities, evangelists, engineers, and more. The main conference consisted of a single track of keynotes and technical talks, as well as an exhibition hall featuring sponsor tables, a demo theater, and technical posters. Demo sessions are live on the RISC-V International YouTube, don’t miss the chance to watch these today!

The first day featured sessions by OpenHW Group, Ventana Micro Systems, Imperas, Codasip, Andes Technology, University of Pisa, Semidynamics, AntMicro, University of Naples, University of Cambridge, BOSCH, and Imagination. RISC-V CEO Calista Redmond welcomed the crowd with her session, RISC-V is Inevitable. In her talk, Calista showcased how RISC-V enables the best processors and innovation across low to high end applications. She also addressed the recently announced RISE (RISC-V Software Ecosystem) initiative and what that means for RISC-V moving forward. RISC-V CTO, Mark Himelstein, spoke about the technical achievements of RISC-V, and Daniel Müller-Gritschneder, Technical University Munich, and Teresa Cervero, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), representing the RISC-V Summit Europe Program, shared an overview of the event. 

Day two featured sessions from ETH Zürich, Università di Bologna, zeroRISC, Google, Esperanto Technologies, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, NXP, AntMicro, Virtual Vehicle Research, Terapines Ltd,  and Embecosm. Matthew Xuereb of the European Commission gave a keynote on how the European Chips Act is driving RISC-V efforts across the region. Matthew outlined Europe’s recommendations and roadmaps to European sovereignty in open standard hardware, software, and RISC-V technologies. In his keynote, Dr. Yungang Bao, Secretary-General, China RISC-V Alliance (CRVA), Chief Scientist, Beijing Institute of Open-Source Chip (BOSC) addressed three core areas: Open Source Chip Ecosystem (OSCE); current state of RISC-V in China; and progress in building OSCE. 

The final day of Summit featured a keynote from Roland Weigand of the European Space Agency (ESA), stating: “RISC-V is a rising star in space,” and that ESA is committed to standardizing RISC-V across the full range of applications, from microcontrollers to HPC. Other speakers on day three included VRULL, Thales, Tenstorrent, Universidad Complutense De Madrid, Igalia, MINRES, Intel, NXP, University Of British Columbia, Codasip, and ETH Zürich. Calista Redmond and CEA’s Christian Fabre wrapped up the event with closing remarks. Calista underscored how Europe is investing in global collaboration for RISC-V in both public and private entities. She emphasized that the path forward is with new RISC-V talent and when the RISC-V community comes together, the ecosystem only gets stronger and more advanced. In her words, “RISC-V is the center of gravity at a global level.” She articulated how RISC-V is the center of gravity as communities come together to share in global standards and create technical elements that matter and will persist through time. Her call to action: If you’re not a RISC-V member, don’t wait. Get involved today

The lineup at this year’s Summit was impressive. We thank all the speakers for their powerful insight, knowledge and unwavering commitment to RISC-V advancement and adoption. You can check out any technical talks and keynotes by visiting our YouTube page.

A BIG shoutout and thank you to our RISC-V Summit Europe 2023 Diamond Sponsors: Andes Technology, Antmicro, Codasip, Imperas Software Ltd., OpenHW Group, Semidynamics, and Ventana Micro Systems. View our full list of sponsors here and also check out the interviews with the Diamond sponsors hosted by Calista Redmond.

We also want to thank the Gold Sponsors – Agile Analog, CEA, Frontgrade Gaisler, Microchip Technology, and The Technology Innovation Institute – and the Silver Sponsors – Axelera AI, Axiomise, Codethink, E4 Computer Engineering, Esperanto Technologies, HiPEAC, IC Resources, IRT Nanoelec, lowRISC, MIPS, and Synopsys. 

The RISC-V Summit Europe was a huge success, and we look forward to the 2024 event. We also can’t wait to see you all at RISC-V Summit China, planned for August 23-25, 2023 in Beijing, and RISC-V Summit North America scheduled for Nov. 7 – 8 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. 

Details on both events are available on the website or you can reach out to us directly at

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