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Introducing the RISC-V Board of Directors Elected Officers

By: Calista Redmond | CEO, RISC-V International

The past few years have seen a meteoric rise of RISC-V globally. In eight short years, RISC-V International has grown to have more than 3,800 members, representing a diverse and robust array of individuals, academia, research, and industry organizations. Growing well beyond embedded applications, RISC-V is seeing broader adoption and deployment into a wide range of markets, including data center, mobile, and automotive.

The RISC-V International Board of Directors and its officers play a central role in providing direction and leadership for the community at large. As more organizations make strategic decisions and investments in RISC-V, the Board of Directors has also grown to reflect those investments. The Directors are deeply invested in the success of RISC-V across all stakeholders around the world, and seek to contribute their experience in technology adoption, commercialization, and collaboration to the community as a whole.

This year, we were in the fortunate position of having multiple well-qualified and experienced candidates running for each officer position in our annual election. Officers are each elected for one-year terms, effective immediately.

I wanted to introduce our elected RISC-V Board of Directors’ officers:

  • Chair: Lu Dai, Sr. Director, Technical Standards, Qualcomm
  • Vice Chair: Dave Patterson, Distinguished Engineer, RIOS Laboratory
  • Treasurer: Gary Martz, Sr. Director, Intel 
  • Secretary: Ted Speers, Technical Fellow, Microchip Technology

Each officer brings unique and valued insight in our collective pursuit of architecture leadership.

In his role as chairman, Lu takes over from Krste Asanović, RISC-V Co-Founder and SiFive Co-Founder and Chief Architect. Krste — who has served as chairman since the inception of the board and wears many hats as a technologist, entrepreneur and academic — will continue to be an important, active leader in the RISC-V community, as the Unprivileged ISA Committee chair, Technical Steering Committee advisor, and serving on the Architecture Review Committee.

“One of the greatest strengths of RISC-V is the energy, commitment and innovation of its rich, diverse community,” Lu said. “Krste has been a driving force behind the growth of RISC-V, and I am honored to have the opportunity to lead the community and do my part to continue to accelerate our high-growth trajectory. RISC-V will get stronger as more people and organizations contribute, and bring their voices, perspective and resources to RISC-V, thus propelling its evolution and adoption.”   

“We can all be proud of the great progress the RISC-V open standard has made during the past eight years and today’s news underscores the tremendous momentum. Our original vision for RISC-V is now being validated by thousands of successful commercial deployments and billions of SOCs shipped. Lu Dai, with his strong experience in standards bodies, and as a representative of a large end-user corporation, brings important insight to the RISC-V and our committees,” said Krste. “Born in our lab at UC Berkeley, RISC-V is now demonstrating its strength in applications from IoT and consumer to automobiles and datacenters, supported by a robust and fast-growing shared software ecosystem. We have entered an exciting new phase where RISC-V is visible to the broader developer base as the target of rich third-party software ecosystems, which require a strong stable global standard. The future of RISC-V has never been brighter.” 

Please join me in welcoming our newly elected officers, as well as thanking our continuing and outgoing officers.

RISC-V International is committed to ensuring the adoption of RISC-V and the success of our members. Much of RISC-V’s success is driven by thought leadership and innovation from across the community. We encourage all members to engage in the important work of our technical and other community groups. In addition, help show the progress of the RISC-V community by using to showcase your solutions, milestones, and more.

Lastly, join us at RISC-V Summit North America, taking place in Santa Clara, California from Nov. 6-8, 2023. We kick off with Member Day starting Nov. 6, with the Summit taking place Nov. 7-8.

We look forward to seeing you there, as we once again celebrate the achievements of the RISC-V community and continue to look at what is possible for the future of RISC-V.

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