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Read IT Quick Article: Express Logic Announces X-Ware IoT Platform Support For AndesCore N25 And NX25 RISC-V Processors

By May 10, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

Express Logic, Inc. recently announced that its X-Ware IoT Platform now delivers turnkey support for the AndesCore 32-bit N25 and 64-bit NX25 RISC-V processors. A standard open architecture ISA under the governance of the RISC-V Foundation, RISC-V is extremely portable and allows the open source community to test and improve cores much more swiftly as compared to closed ISAs. RISC-V can also be used to safeguard trust and certifications that are not possible with closed architectures, thanks to the fact that the RISC-V intellectual property (IP) core is unencrypted.
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