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TechNode Article: Core Technology And Startups: What Can We Expect In The Post-ZTE Era?

By May 10, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

In April, the US announced a 7-year ban on ZTE. This China’s leading communication player was found to have violated a ban on shipping US technology to Iran. The sanctions will bar ZTE from purchasing essential US components.
President Xi, summarizing lessons learned from the ZTE case, stressed the concept of “core technology” (in Chinese), referring to fundamental research and high-tech innovations that play a vital role in keeping China strong and independent.
One example is moves in instruction set architecture (ISA), the crucial interface that serves between hardware and software. ISA also defines how to program a computer. Many developers believe that RISC-V, the fifth open source RISC generation created at Univerity of California, Berkeley, will be another global standard.
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