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ComputerWorld Article: Data61 Partners With German Vendor To Protect Global Defense Systems

By September 19, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

CSIRO’s Data61 has partnered with German-headquartered vendor Hensoldt Cyber to develop a hardware-software stack to protect against cyber attacks on defence systems, smart factories, autonomous vehicles and critical infrastructure.
Data61 will adapt seL4, an operating system originally developed by Data61, in order to run efficiently on Hensoldt Cyber processors, and will extend seL4’s existing correctness proofs to apply to that hardware.
“seL4 is probably secure, but its security guarantee relies on the assumption that the underlying hardware is trustworthy,” said professor Gernot Heiser, chief research scientist for Trustworthy Systems at CSIRO’s Data61.   “We are excited to work with Hensoldt Cyber, putting seL4 at the core of a security-focussed integrated hardware-software stack to secure critical infrastructure.”
Hensoldt Cyber was established just over a year ago as a joint venture of German companies Hensoldt and Secure Elements.“Our uncompromising approach to cyber security combines secure processor hardware based on the open RISC-V architecture, secured production, and the mathematical security guarantees of the seL4 operating system,” said Marian Rachow, managing director at Hensoldt Cyber.
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