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My Smart Price Article: Huami All Set To Launch An AI Powered SmartWatch – Huangshan No.1

By September 19, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

Huami, aims to compete directly with Apple with the launch of its latest product, Huangshan No.1. The Chinese hardware giant has seen considerable success with its current line of Smartwatches that include the Amazfit Bip and the Amazfit Stratos. In addition to this, the company was also in the news for the launch of its latest device, the Amazfit Verge. However, what is expected to cause a buzz is its announcement of working on an AI-powered wearable device – the Huangshan No.1. The device is considered to be the first AI powered Smartwatch and will come with a plethora of advanced features.
The hardware manufacturer is, interestingly backed by Chinese giant Xiaomi. Xiaomi also offers a range of products in the smart wearable devices segment, including the Mi Band, which has gained a lot of traction in sales in the past few quarters. So it is interesting to see that Xiaomi is backing a company that manufacturers similar products. Coming back to the Huangshan No.1, the device is set to feature 4 core intelligence engines that include an ECG, an ECG Pro, a cardiac biometric engine as well as a Heart Rhythm abnormality engine.
Apart from this, the company also claims that it uses the open source RISC-V architecture to power the device. In fact, it has confirmed that it has been able to achieve a 38 percent boost in performance compared to the Arm Cortex M4, which is certainly a great feat if these claims are true.
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