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EET India Article: Open-Silicon And SiFive To Chisel RISC-V In India

By January 10, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

When Naveed Sherwani and Satya Gupta founded Open-Silicon, a semiconductor solutions company in 2003 with the idea of an open model in the hardware world, a free and open instruction set architecture (ISA) called RISC-V was nowhere on the horizon.
Fifteen years later and after its acquisition by SiFive last year, it was just natural that RISC-V, which has created a disruption in the industry with its open model, would pave the way forward for this Bangalore-based company, also known for its OpenModel custom SoCs.
Open-Silicon’s “OpenModel” was one of the first semiconductor industry’s first end-to-end custom SoC development solution based on a revolutionary business model that provides a seamless, low-cost, and low-risk alternative to traditional models for complex ASIC design and development. It selects the best-in-class technology from the open market (IP vendors) and applies it through an engineering process focused on three goals: low total cost of ownership, high schedule predictability and high reliability, and gets it manufactured in various foundries such as TSMC, Intel, Samsung, etc.
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