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SemiWiki Article: eSilicon Expands Expertise In 7nm

By February 27, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

At SemiWiki we usually don’t write about the press releases we are sent. However, a recent press release by eSilicon caught my eye and prompted me to call Mike Gianfagna, eSilicon Vice President of Marketing. The press release is not just about one thing, rather it focuses on a number of interesting things that together show their momentum, especially in the 7nm space. So, in my conversation with Mike I dug a bit deeper to better understand their progress. 7nm is a topic that gets a lot of talk, but eSilicon can point to some pretty significant and very real milestones at 7nm.
The current generation of SerDes will actually monitor its own performance and adapt to the operating environment. eSilicon uses a RISC-V processor core inside the digital section of their SerDes to control its operation. It’s even possible to open up a graphical interface to the internals of the SerDes to view its functioning.
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