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SiFive To Host Over 50 RISC-V Technology Symposia Throughout The World

By February 13, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor core IP, design platforms and silicon solutions, today announced it will host more than 50 RISC-V Technology Symposia throughout the world in 2019. In partnership with co-hosts and many other key participants in the RISC-V ecosystem, these events will promote the open instruction set architecture and foster deeper collaboration and engagement within the global open-source community. These events are open to anyone interested in learning more and/or engaging in the RISC-V ecosystem, including electronics professionals, academicians and students, government bodies and electronics associations, as well as developers, implementers, and hobbyists.
The Technology Symposia are free to attend and will feature presentations by industry veterans, academic luminaries, and many others who have been instrumental in democratizing access to custom silicon through RISC-V based tools and platforms. Attendees will learn about customizable CPU cores, SoCs and IP blocks, and the SaaS-based approach that is enabling fast and easy access to them. There will be presentations and exhibits showcasing the myriad hardware and software tools for new and innovative RISC-V based solutions for IoT, AI, networking and storage applications.
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