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An Introduction To The RISC-V-Based SweRV Core

By May 15, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments
This article by Zvonimir Bandić of Western Digital, introduces the RISC-V-based SweRV core, which builds on the classic five-stage RISC-V pipeline and allows up to two instructions per clock cycle.

Since the RISC-V instruction set architecture was unveiled (2015) and RISC-V foundation established (2016), we have seen a flurry of activity: many open source hardware projects, many corporate adoptions of the architecture, fast-growing membership of the foundation, and fast-growing open-source RISC-V software activity.
At the “Core” of all these projects are RISC-V CPU (Central Processing Unit) cores — hardware engines that are executing RISC-V compiler binaries. All community stakeholders benefit from the open-source software, including common compilers, toolchains, and operating systems that can execute on top of these cores.
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